2 officers killed, 4 injured in roadside bomb explosion in Thailand’s Deep South

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A roadside bomb explosion in the Deep South province Narathiwat killed two police officers and injured four others yesterday afternoon. Small bombings and other attacks in the southernmost provinces near the Malaysian border happen frequently and are often related to the religious separatist insurgency.

The bomb was made with a cooking gas cylinder and then placed in a sewer pipe under the road, police say, according to the Bangkok Post. A wire strung on the device to the nearby forest was used to detonate the bomb.

The bomb reportedly exploded while two police pickup trucks were driving by at around 2pm yesterday on their way to the Chanae district police station. The impact from the explosion caused one of the trucks to land 40 metres away. The explosion caused a crater about a metre deep and more than a metre wide. Six police officers were rushed to the local hospital. Two of them later died.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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