Wounded turtle rescued amid rising beach pollution at Thailand’s Sirinat National Park

Picture courtesy of Sirinat National Park.

In the coastal paradise of Thailand’s Sirinat National Park, an unexpected occurrence unfurled yesterday. A hapless turtle was found ensnared in discarded fishing nets on Nai Yang Beach, Phuket, severely injured and in distress amid inclement weather.

Park officials, alerted to the creature’s predicament by vigilant tourists, made immediate efforts to liberate it from the nets, battling against high waves and forceful winds. The head of the park, Sorasak Rananan, said the turtle was found at 7am, caught up in debris and discarded fishing nets in challenging weather conditions.

Upon being freed from the ensnaring nets, it was apparent that the turtle was injured. It bore a wound on one of its legs and one on its body.

The officials measured the turtle as part of their rescue efforts and found the creature spanning 60 centimetres from head to tail, with a width of 62 centimetres from the tip of one flipper to the other.

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Collaborating with the Marine Resources Research Center, the park officials arranged for the wounded turtle to be taken into care. A vet from the centre, identified as Pathompong Jongchit, collected the animal, confirming its planned course of rehabilitation, reported The Phuket News.

Due to the heavy rain and strong winds, there has been a considerable amount of rubbish collected on the beach. The park staff are working to clean this pollution as frequently as possible.

Among the noteworthy debris gathered at shore, officials found two mooring buoys, typically used for securing large boats. Such widespread and frequent incidences of beach pollution underscore a need for stringent environmental conservation efforts, a necessity amplified by the plight of the unfortunate turtle injured amidst the discarded fishing nets.

Two weeks ago, an endangered hawksbill turtle found stranded at Patong Beach was taken into the care of the Siritharn Rare Marine Life Rescue Centre, at Ao Makham on the eastern coast of Phuket. Read the full story HERE.

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