Uncaring boss berates employee for Covid-19 sick leave

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A compelling online controversy has ignited following an exchange of conversation between a female employee who requested sick leave because of Covid-19 and her uncompassionate boss. This incident, disclosed by TikTok user lilich_pch in a video clip, has amassed substantial attention across the Internet.

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In the shared video, lilich_pch reveals a chat message conversation with her employer after she informed them of her Covid condition.

“When will this problem end? With every coming day, it’s going to be the same. We are not taking care of ourselves. It’s affecting our team and your KPIs.”

Further communication from the employer added pressure on the young woman.

“We always know what you’re up to. Go ahead, take your leave, but just make sure you meet my sales targets. Handle the sales figures as you wish.”

The boss showed a lack of empathy towards the young woman’s situation, reported KhaoSod. Comments were made, such as…

“If you don’t pass, they won’t keep you. I haven’t taken any leave in 10 years. Even when I am not feeling well, I never take a day off.”

This post has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times before being shared on Twitter, garnering 1.7 million views and being retweeted over 52,900 times. As expected, the event witnessed a barrage of public responses with comments, including…

“Change from work leave to resignation. I’ve done it before and it worked. Don’t fret, not a bit.”

“Go to work as usual. Then, sneeze on them.”

Even prominent Twitter users joined the conversation, and one said…

“If anyone could choose, perhaps nobody would want to contract it. Nobody wants to be off work, but taking sick leave doesn’t make one better than the others. If anyone wants to take leave, fine. If not, don’t. Good bosses understand this, but sadly there are actual jobsworths out there.”

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