• Thailand

    Thailand News Today | Thailand advises airlines of new entry rules

      International airlines have been issued with a notice from the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand, advising them of revised rules for entry to the kingdom from today. CAAT chief, Suthipong Kongpool, says all international airlines serving Thailand are required to screen and categorise passengers into 3 groups. The first group is the fully vaccinated passengers, who, if suspected of…

  • Pollution

    Turtle full of plastic waste being treated in Phuket

    An alarming sign of pollution was found in a young green turtle rescued from a Phuket beach last month and found to have over 150 pieces of garbage and plastic clogging its stomach and intestines. The turtle was first found on Kata Beach in Phuket on July 23rd looking weak and sick. The sea turtle was taken in by veterinarians…

  • Environment

    Thailand’s marine life is rebounding during Covid-19 crisis

    The Marine National Park in the southern province of Trang spotted 4 dugongs, 4 dolphins and 8 sea turtles offshore near Hat Chao Mai National Park. The MNP and Hat Chao Mai National Park conducted the observation by sea and air covering the areas abundant with seagrass around Yong Lam Beach, Yong Ling Beach, and Ko Muk. The dugong pod…

  • Environment

    Turtle rescued on Nai Harn Beach, Phuket

    PHOTO: Aroon Solos Today (August 15) at about 1pm, the lifeguard team at Nai Harn Beach rescued a small turtle, which had become stuck in a fertiliser sack. They found the turtle washed up ashore with the sack wrapped up around its neck. They tried to carefully remove the sack from the turtle’s neck but found that the turtle had…

  • Environment

    Another sea turtle saved from a random trawling net in Phuket

    PHOTOS: Andaman Flying Tiger Today (July 15), local seniors have discovered a sea turtle trapped inside an old fishing net (trawl) at Mai Khao beach along the northern west coast of Phuket. The turtle was luckily uninjured and was rescued, then released back to the ocean. Excellent photos from Andaman Flying Tiger.

  • Phang Nga

    Injured sea turtle rescued from fishing net in Phang Nga

    PHOTOS: Jalert Jesadawal A sea turtle has been rescued from a fishing net off the coast of Phang Nga. Khao Lampi Hat Thai Mueang National Park officers were notified that a sea turtle was tangled in a fishing net on the shores of Natai Beach in Kok Kloi, Phang Nga yesterday afternoon. They arrived to find the male Olive Ridley…

  • Thailand

    Pregnant wild turtle rescued from Lampang forest fire

    PHOTO: Lampang PR Office Fire fighters have rescued a pregnant wild turtle which was trying to escape from a forest fire at Doi Prabat in Lampang yesterday. The Thai News Agency reports that fire fighters from the Royal Forest Department, who were fighting at the firefront on Doi Prabat in Lampang found the pregnant wild turtle which was doing its…

  • South

    Sea Turtle found dead on Chumpon beach, choked on plastics

    by Prasit Leehukunakorn A large green turtle has been found dead on Chumphon’s Bang Nam Jeud Beach, believed to have died from plastic waste it ingested. “I found a piece of plastic in its throat, so I think it’s the latest victim of sea-borne plastic waste,” said Amnuaykiat Timnakha, deputy chief of the Tambon Bang Nam Jeud Organisation. He was…