Close call: Young boys narrowly escape watery fate in Phuket

Picture courtesy of Rawai Municipality

Phuket witnessed a distressing incident on Soi Naya, Nai Harn, in which two young boys narrowly escaped death by drowning. The incident, which occurred yesterday, resulted in the rushed transfer of the children to Chalong Hospital for immediate medical attention.

The call for assistance reached local rescue units at around 4.32pm. Verifying the distressful event was Rawai Mayor Aroon Solos, who reported that rescue teams were at the scene at 4.38pm. The rescue spot was identified as the zone near Nai Harn Baan-Bua Development, situated north of Nai Harn Lake.

A crowd of anxious watchers, horrified at the sight of the lifeless young boys, aged between four and five years old, had already gathered around the children. They were unconscious and exhibited clear signs of struggle with their breathing. The on-the-spot reaction of the rescue workers saw them providing oxygen to the unconscious children and immediately contacting the 1669 emergency hotline for reinforcements, reported The Phuket News.

A chilling revelation was made whilst waiting for the ambulance from Chalong Hospital. One of the boys had stopped breathing, initiating on-the-spot CPR by the quick-acting rescue team. They continued this until the medical professionals from Chalong Hospital arrived at 4.48pm.

Medical personnel continued the CPR en route to the hospital, reaching Chalong Hospital by 5.08pm. Sadly, attempts at reviving the unconscious boy were unsuccessful at this time.

Heartening news was reported at around 6pm, when officers relayed that the CPR was no longer necessary due to the welcome return of the boy’s pulse. However, the situation was far from over as the boy remained unconscious.

While he remained in critical condition in the emergency ward at the Chalong Hospital, preparations for his transfer to the Vachira Phuket Hospital for further medical attention were underway.

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