Security guard’s drowning sparks supernatural theories in Udon Thani

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In a series of mystifying events yesterday, a 61 year old sewage treatment plant (STP) security guard disappeared in a public swamp in Nong Boo village located in Udon Thani province. He had been picking lotus pods following his shift completion. His 58 year old wife had to sadly watch him disappear into the water.

After a frantic search spanning 14 hours, the rescue team finally located his body floating around the original site from where he had disappeared.

Local government rescue officials and volunteers from various foundations successfully assembled a rescue team of over 40 people in the 14th Udon Thani Rescue Zone using rescue equipment to search for the man, Dech. Despite their efforts, they could not locate him during their search from morning until evening. The rescue organisations involved included the Udon Thani Foundation, the charity point services in Nong Han and Kud Jab districts, and the Local Administration Organization (LAO) of Sam Phrao.

In an astonishing twist for everyone involved, the body was found just a few minutes past midnight in the vicinity of the initial search spot that had been covered throughout the day. This was just after the Buhddist holy day of Wan Phra had come to an end.

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Locals found it strange and hair-raising as the original search spot was pointed out by Khlom Faeng, Dech’s wife, who was certain that her husband had disappeared in the swamp about 20 metres away from the shore. The discovery of the body raised eyebrows among locals, who had initially thought some supernatural force was at play, obscuring the view of the body which lay in the swamp during the holy day, only to be revealed after.

Once the horrifying discovery was made, it left Khlom Faeng sobbing inconsolably. She could barely gather the strength to stand and look at her late husband’s body due to the overwhelming grief and not having any food the whole day. Family members and responders offered comfort and reassurance to Khlom Faeng along with immediate medical attention. Once she settled down, she proceeded to thank all the officers involved in locating her late husband, reported KhaoSod.

The mysterious end of Dech has prompted villagers to believe that a supernatural force had orchestrated his death due to his good deeds. These beliefs were further fuelled when after just a few minutes past the end of the holy day, it appeared that the supernatural force finally released its hold on him, letting him be found.

Paramedical personnel from the Udon Thani Hospital Centre and Deputy Inspector Jenwat Wittayaratichotikul from the Municipal Police Station of Udon Thani gathered at the site of the incident for investigation.

Dech was found about 25 metres from the shore. Dech’s son informed authorities that his father was a skilled swimmer. He used to regularly venture into the water to fish, which was an integral part of his life. The son, however, acknowledged his father had rested very little. He suspected that this lack of rest had led to his father getting cramps while swimming in the swamp, which ultimately resulted in his drowning.

The Udon Thani Rescue Centre 14’s Director, Prapatt Chuechuaychu, cautioned that those swimming or playing in the water must be well-rested, otherwise, they could potentially get cramps, making it extremely difficult to manoeuvre and rescue themselves. This situation escalates drastically when underwater.

While facts of the event continue to emerge, locals and family members continue to harbour strong beliefs in supernatural forces which have been passed through generations. They feel these forces played a significant role in the entire incident.

The popular local sentiment is, “Don’t ridicule or ignore stories if you can’t believe them.”

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