Snarky Phuket man claims stealing ex-girlfriend’s car was just a joke

A snarky Phuket man claims that he only stole his ex-girlfriend’s car as a joke. The 54 year old Somsak, stole the car on October 30 from his former girlfriend’s house in a housing estate in the Wichit sub-district of the main city district.

Sopawan said she parked the sedan near her house before finding out in the morning that it had disappeared. Police checked the CCTV footage and saw that Somsak was the culprit. He was arrested on Sakdidet Road in Wichit, The Phuket Express reported.

Somsak admitted that he was Sopawan’s ex-boyfriend and had a spare car key. He said he had intended to take her sedan just to tease her and play a practical joke.

Unfortunately for Somsak, Wichit Police didn’t get the punchline. Somsak has now been charged with theft.

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Somsak is not the first Phuket thief to have such an astonishingly impressive excuse for stealing. Back in May, a Phuket thief allegedly stole more than 30 times in two months saying he needed the money to play online video games for his living, according to Phuket City Police Chief Colonel Sarawut Chooprasit.

In March, a Phuket tourist claimed he stole snacks from a store on two separate occasions because he needed some “reprieve” from constant stress in his life.

Police don’t appear to be laughing in any of these incidents, and Somsak’s theft is no exception.

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