Russian man rushed to hospital after being found in stolen pickup truck in Phuket

Russian man found in stolen car, photo by Sakhu Police.

A Russian man was rushed to a hospital after police found him in a stolen pickup truck parked at a Phuket beach. Sakhu police found the man, 27 year old Egor Andriesh, in the truck parked on Nai Thon Beach, The Phuket News reported.

The doors of the pickup were locked, and officers had to call a locksmith to open them. The officers found Andriesh suffering from exhaustion, and an ambulance rushed him to Thalang Hospital.

Police had been searching for the pickup truck ever since another Russian man reported it missing. The man who reported the truck missing, 44 year old Viacheslav Rumyantsev, said he parked the Ford Ranger near the beach, and returned to see what appeared to be another Russian man driving it away.

Sakhu Police said they were continuing to investigate the case, and what led to Andreish being found in this situation.

In recent months, a few other incidents of Russians committing crimes against other Russians in Phuket have been reported.

In December, a Russian man in Phuket allegedly stole tens of thousands of dollars in cash and cryptocurrency from other Russians. The two victims said that in the early morning on December 11, a group of foreign suspects threatened and attacked them on Soi Cherng Talay 16 for US$20,000 in cash, and US$25,000 in a crypto wallet. Region 8 Police said they arrested the man, 32 year old Dnitry Shergin, earlier this month.

Also in December, a group of Russians attacked another Russian man in front of a Phuket shopping mall, according to a police report. The attackers beat the man up in front of the Central Phuket shopping mall at the Darasamut Intersection. A police report said the victim and his attackers were on small motorbikes waiting at the traffic lights at the time of the attack. The victim said he did not know the attackers, and there was no indication of what may have motivated the attack.

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