Patong gunfire: Prime suspect in the incident nabbed after intense manhunt

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In a recent development in the ongoing investigation into a street shooting that occurred on the morning of August 3 in Patong, Phuket, police arrested the prime suspect. Two men were injured during the gunfire incident and are currently receiving medical care at Patong Hospital.

An arrest warrant was issued for 34 year old Nattapong Nachom on Friday, August 4 by the Phuket Provincial Court, which led to his capture. The suspect admitted to the charges levelled against him in relation to the early morning gunfire in Patong.

The charges brought against Nattapong include attempted murder, illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition, carrying a firearm in public without reasonable cause, and discharging a firearm in a public location. These were corroborated by the authorities after he was taken back to the crime scene in Patong on Saturday to reenact the gunfire events under heavily armed surveillance.

The victims of the shooting, Nuttawut Hemra and Jirawat Santirak, both 20 years old, were both shot in the gunfire and were promptly rushed to Patong Hospital. Nuttawut suffered an injury to his right leg while Jirawat got shot in his left hand. Their current condition is stable under hospital care.

On Friday, the police further updated that two potential suspects were brought in for interrogation, 37 year old Chalermchon Atsorn and 28 year old Sukanya Suwannoi. Authorities also suggested that four other individuals, who were seen fleeing the Patong location in a black Honda vehicle, were also involved in the gunfire, with Nattapong purportedly among them reported Phuket News.

According to the police’s account, the whole thing started when a man, Patcharadanai Kingchampa, contacted Sukanya Saksri on Facebook, demanding 3,000 baht. However, the nature of this transaction remains unexplained by law enforcement authorities. Sukanya, along with her associates including Nattapong, apparently took offence at this request, leading to a series of confrontations and subsequent developments.

An armed group attempted to force entry into Patcharadanai’s residence. Patcharadanai, who refused to open the door, called his brother, Panthakarn Kingchampa who arrived at the scene shortly with seven friends. The armed group threatened Panthakarn and his group, forcefully taking Panthakarn away in the black Honda vehicle.

As they drove away, shots were fired at Panthakarn’s friends leading to Nuttawut and Jirawat’s injuries, the shooter is now confirmed to have been Nattapong. Panthakarn was later released unharmed near Vachira Phuket Hospital.

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