Patong shooting stemmed from Facebook payment demand

Picture courtesy of Patong Police.

In a recent act of violence in the Patong area of Phuket, two people were apprehended following a street shooting incident that happened early yesterday. The shooting led to two victims who have been hospitalised for treatment of gunshot wounds.

The victims of this unfortunate incident were 20 year old Nuttawut Hemra a resident of Trang who sustained a gunshot wound to his right leg and 20 year old Jirawat Santirak from Ratsada, suffering from a shot in his left hand. Both are now recuperating at Patong Hospital from the shooting.

The shooting took place near a rented room situated on 50 Pi Road, contrary to initial reports suggesting the attack occurred next to a junction on Petchkut Rd, two roads that intersect at the southern tip of Patong.

Upon interviewing the victims at the hospital, the police deduced that six individuals were involved in the attack. Of the six, two arrived at the scene on a motorbike. These two have been identified as 37 year old Chalermchon Atsorn from Srisoonthorn, and 28 year old Sukanya Suwannoi hailing from Nong Khai. The pair are presently in police custody for further investigation.

Four additional suspects arrived at the location in a black Honda sedan. The driver’s identity remains uncertain. Moreover, 26 year old Sukanya Saksri, a 50 Pi Road resident, was allegedly sitting in the front passenger seat. The other two individuals in the sedan, known as A and Eak Mangkorn, have yet to be fully identified.

It is believed that Eak Mangkorn was the shooter, although a subsequent police report hinted at the shooter being identified as Tun, whose real name remains a mystery, reported The Phuket News.

Patong Police suggest the incident was provoked when Patcharadanai Kingchampa, who has not been linked directly to the shooting yet, contacted Sukanya Saksri via Facebook, asking her for a payment of 3,000 baht (US$86). The reason for this demanded payment is, however, unclear. This action seemingly sparked outrage among this group.

After this, the group attempted to force entry into the rented room of Patcharadanai on 50 Pi Road. Despite their efforts, they were unsuccessful as Patcharadanai inside refused to open the door. Anxious, Patcharadanai contacted his brother, Panthakarn Kingchampa, who arrived on the scene with approximately seven friends.

Despite being outnumbered, the initial group had the advantage as they were carrying a firearm. They threatened Panthakarn and his friends and bundled Panthakarn into their black Honda – earlier reported as the car racing away from the shooting scene in Patong. As Tun discharged the firearm towards Panthakarn’s friends during the escape, Nuttawut and Jirawat were wounded.

The group then drove across the island and dumped Panthakarn just outside Vachira Phuket Hospital located in Phuket Town. The police stated that the interrogation with Chalermchon and Sukanya is ongoing, and the investigation into the entire incident is still in progress.

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