Phuket ramps up flood prevention as rainy season nears

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Phuket City Municipality is ramping up flood prevention efforts as the rainy season approaches, deploying a comprehensive strategy to protect residents and maintain city infrastructure from imminent rain damage.

Preparations include mobilising manpower to combat incoming floods, deploying machinery, and distributing sandbags across vulnerable areas to minimise damages, according to Phuket Town Mayor Saroj Angkhanapilas. The municipality aims to ensure both safety and convenience for its residents.

Given Phuket Town’s geographical challenges, a detailed plan has been implemented to monitor and manage water levels during the rainy season. Due to Phuket’s proximity to the sea, in addition to receiving water from surrounding areas, the municipality must remain attentive to rising sea levels during periods of heavy rainfall, said Mayor Saroj.

“The plan covers various aspects, including readying personnel, machinery, and sandbags, which will be distributed to high-risk zones to mitigate flooding and ensure efficient water drainage.”

Effective water management is essential to minimise any negative impact on the local economy and the daily lives of residents in Phuket Town. The Phuket municipality recently announced an operation to accelerate dredging operations and waste removal efforts from canals, which proves to be crucial in improving water flow efficiency during periods of heavy rain.

Residents have been advised to stay informed by closely monitoring weather updates from government sources, despite the extensive flood prevention efforts currently underway, reported the Phuket News.

In similar news, severe monsoon storms and heavy rains have led to significant erosion along Na Jomtien Beach, causing safety concerns for beachgoers and tourists. Authorities from the Pattaya Harbor Office and Na Jomtien Municipality inspected the affected area and are moving quickly to address the situation.

The Director of the Pattaya Harbor Office, Ekkarach Kantharo, explained that the erosion is a natural result of the strong winds and waves typical of Thailand’s monsoon season.

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