Phuket police crack down on illegal fireworks trade at Patong Beach

Picture courtesy of Patong Police

Patong Beach in Phuket has seen a boost in police activity in recent days, aiming to put an end to the unlawful trade and use of fireworks. The initiative, which began on May 1, has already led to the arrest of three individuals, including a citizen of New Zealand.

Patong Police have been systematically carrying out inspections along the beach since the start of May. Their main objective is to clamp down on various illegal activities, most notably the sale and use of fireworks.

The first two arrests were made on May 2, following a dual inspection that took place the previous evening. A local, Thotsapon, was apprehended near Baan Laimai Beach Resort & Spa at approximately 10.30pm on May 1.

Upon his arrest, Thotsapon was found to be in possession of an assortment of over 20 different fireworks, which he allegedly intended to sell. He was taken into police custody and charged with unauthorised pyrotechnics sales.

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Not long after, at 12.30am on May 2, a team of officers arrested an individual from New Zealand. The man was detained in the vicinity of Banana Walk, and found in possession of two fireworks. He was subsequently charged with unlawful fireworks setup and causing a nuisance.

The enforcement continued into the night of May 2 and yesterday, resulting in the arrest of another Thai citizen found near the Holiday Inn Resort. The individual was found carrying six sets of fireworks, purportedly for sale, without the required permits.

The campaign extended from last night to today, with further inspections conducted on the beach by the police, alongside Tourist Police Volunteers. While no additional fireworks violators were discovered, the police did seize several beach chairs illegally set up on public property.

The Patong Police Station has acknowledged that their enforcement efforts are not solely focused on fireworks, but include a range of violations, such as the illegal sale of alcoholic beverages and the unauthorised setup of chairs and tables on the beach, reported The Phuket News.

In addition to the enforcement action, the police are also engaging in public awareness initiatives. They are encouraging both locals and tourists to report any unlawful activities or emergencies to the Patong Police at 076-342769.

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