Man seriously injured in Phuket after argument over dog

An argument over a dog in Phuket escalated into a violent confrontation, resulting in one man being seriously injured by a makeshift machete. The incident took place at the CSAL workers’ camp in Tha Sai, Moo 1, Srisoonthorn, on a Friday night.

Police captain Thitiwat Asasingh, with the Thalang Police, was informed of the incident at approximately 8.30pm. Teams of officers and rescue workers from Srisoonthorn Municipality promptly arrived at the scene to find 32 year old Charisak Tanyajaroen with a head gash and two additional wounds: one on his back and another on his left rib.

The alleged perpetrator, Anuwat Chanthason, was still present at the scene when the authorities arrived. According to initial police investigations in Phuket, the two individuals had not previously been in conflict, particularly as it was Charisak’s first day on the job.

The argument originated from Anuwat’s dog chasing and biting Charisak. The situation escalated when Anuwat picked up a piece of metal fashioned into a machete and struck Charisak multiple times.

Charisak was immediately transported to Thalang Hospital to receive treatment for his injuries. Concurrently, Anuwat was taken into custody at Thalang Police Station for questioning before further action on the case could be taken, as confirmed by the police, reported Phuket News.

In related news, Thai police formed a special unit to tackle the aggressive monkey menace.

In the central plains province of Lop Buri, Thailand, a special police unit has been established to apprehend aggressive macaque monkeys that were causing havoc for the local populace.

The head of the Lop Buri Provincial Police, 45 year old Apirak Vetkanchana, gave orders to 38 year old Kantaphon Wanna, the superintendent of Tha Hin Police, to organise a monkey suppression unit. This unit started its operations have shown a positive response towards the operation on its very first day only.

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