Monk’s naked beach dip in Phuket sparks misunderstanding

The Karon Municipality in Phuket has put to rest concerns raised by locals over an incident involving a 67 year old monk, Phra Manop Nonthakho, who was believed to have stripped naked at Karon Beach. A representative of the municipality, Adisak Phromsila, clarified that the monk originally from Nakhon Sawan province had not fully disrobed but kept on his half-length robe while taking a dip in the sea.

The incident, which was reported to the Karon Police by concerned citizens at 2.20pm on Friday, sparked a swift response from officers, who promptly questioned Phra Manop about his actions. The 67 year old monk, who had travelled to Phuket from Phattalung province, explained that he had taken to the water to alleviate itchiness caused by a skin condition.

A video posted online later provided evidence supporting Phra Manop’s explanation, showing him in the water with his half-length robe on. Having cleared up the misunderstanding at Karon Beach, the monk continued his journey northwards to Patong. He shared that his next destination would be a temple in Thalang District, although he was unsure of the specific temple at which he would be staying.

Phra Manop’s actions, while unusual, were not in violation of any laws or religious norms. His decision to enter the sea in his half-length robe might be seen as unconventional, but it was driven by a genuine need for relief from a skin condition.

This incident serves as a reminder that even religious figures, while expected to adhere to certain standards and norms, are also humans with their own unique needs and circumstances.

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The footage, which was shared on the Facebook page of Hot Jung Phuket, has already received over 13,000 reactions and almost 2,000 comments since it was posted yesterday evening.

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