Kamala faces nine-hour power outage for high-voltage network maintenance

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A lengthy nine hours power cut is expected today in southern Kamala, Phuket. This is a result of maintenance being undertaken on the local high-voltage power distribution network.

A decree about the upcoming power outage, posted by the Kamala OrBorTor, the local Tambon Administrative Organisation, featured that the interruption is scheduled to begin at 9am and go on until 5pm. Though it might come as a surprise to some, the news was announced to the public yesterday afternoon, with no subsequent details made available on the Facebook pages of the Phuket Provincial Electricity Authority of Thailand offices.

The regions to bear the brunt of the blackout stretch along Kamala Sai Khao Road, incorporating areas from Keemala and Coco Life Spa right down to Bonkuan View Restaurant towards the south. Given the large geographical expanse that is to be impacted, a considerable number of businesses and residents would inevitably experience disruption, reported The Phuket News.

Kamala OrBorTor, in its statement, expressed contrition for any potential inconvenience this power cut could cause. Furthermore, it advised against any tasks related to electrical supply systems happening during the outage hours. People have been cautioned that power might be restored before the earmarked time of 5pm, thereby potentially endangering those attempting to perform electrical work.

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For those seeking additional information on the power outage, the recommendation is to reach out to the Provincial Electricity Authority at the Patong office on 076-345574.

The story of southern Kamala‘s major power outage will surely leave its residents and business owners tensed about the day ahead, but most importantly, wary of the risks attached to undertaking any electrical work during the hours of the failure.

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