Hong Kong woman faces charges of reckless driving after crashing into Phuket vendor

A Hong Kong woman faces charges of reckless driving after she crashed into a Phuket som tam vendor in Koh Kaew yesterday. The incident happened on the northbound lane of Thep Kassattri Road.

CCTV footage showed that the sedan crashed into the motorbike sidecar vendor, along with two motorbikes.

Phuket City Police arrived on the scene to find the damaged sedan, motorbike sidecar, and two motorbikes. Food was also strewn all across the roadside, The Phuket News reported. Fortunately, no injuries were reported.

The sedan’s driver was 27 year old Hong Kong national Chung Nga Lee. The Somtam vendor was 42 year old Ladda Chuaysang. Ladda and her customer, 54 year old Sayan Seesai, luckily escaped from injury when Chung crashed into the vendor.

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Chung told police she lost control of her car but didn’t explain exactly how. The police said Chung faces charges of reckless driving causing damages.

Thai officials are desperately trying to make the kingdom’s roads safer. This week, officials implemented a new points system in which drivers get a certain number of points deducted for various driving offences.

The new points system proved to be a challenge for over 500 drivers on the first day of its implementation. The new system came into effect on Monday, and 540 drivers in the country had points deducted.

According to the spokesperson of the Royal Thai Police Major General, Archayon Kraithong, the top three offences that got points deducted were:

  1. Using vehicles without proper vehicle tax or proof of tax (233 drivers)
  2. Using vehicles that had no driving license plates (81 drivers)
  3. Driving over the speed limit (63 drivers)

The new points system aims to improve traffic law compliance, reduce accidents, and improve road safety, according to the commander of the Highway Police Division.

The points system will be applied to every driver, but offenders will have a chance to reform depending on the situation. Points will be returned after one year, but if only six points remain, the driver can attend a training course to restore their points.

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