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Thailand to track cannabis users in government database

Thai nationals will soon be required to show their ID cards when purchasing cannabis flowers. The ID and sales information will be entered into a government database, according to the Department of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine (DTAM).

Registered vendors will be required to insert the buyers’ ID into a “device” linked with the government system and input information regarding the amount of cannabis purchased.

Any vendors who fail to submit reports will have their license revoked, according to the department’s director-general.

The measure will come into effect once it is published in the Royal Gazette.

It’s not yet clear whether foreigners will have to show their ID or passports when purchasing marijuana flowers.

Last week, the Ministry of Public Health published a guide for foreign tourists titled “10 Things Tourists Need To Know About Cannabis in Thailand” to help tourists navigate Thailand’s crazy weed laws and stay out of trouble. The guide did not mention anything about foreigners being required to show ID to purchase cannabis buds.

Public health officials have repeatedly stressed that Thailand’s decriminalisation of the plant on June 9, 2022, was intended to promote its medical use and create economic opportunities for the Thai people.


Cabinet announces change to holiday calendar

The government has announced May 5 as a special public holiday, creating a 4-day weekend break. The government hopes the long holiday will help boost the economy through various tourism activities.

During their weekly meeting, Cabinet members approved the decision to bridge the holiday gap between Coronation Day on Thursday, May 4, and the weekend.

Deputy Government Spokesperson Traisuree Traisaranakul said the combined 4-day break is expected to help push forward economic activities, particularly in the business and tourism sectors.

The addition of the holiday brings the total number of public holidays this year to 19, or a total of 24 days when combined with compensatory holidays.


Thai AirAsia ranked 3rd most on-time low-cost airline in the world

Thai AirAsia ranked 3rd most on-time low-cost airline in the world

Thai AirAsia is ranked the third most on-time low-cost airline in the world and the most punctual carrier in Asia-Pacific countries in 2022, according to Cirium, a data analytics company in the aviation and travel industry. The average on-time rate reported by Cirium was 97.47%

The Chief Executive Officer of Thai AirAsia announced the company’s good news on January 9.

“Punctuality is a standard quality that not every company can do. It comes from strong airline management, a good team, and a strong intention to always improve the service for customers. This is what makes Thai AirAsia unique.”

The CEO also emphasized that punctuality was as important as the passengers’ safety in Thai AirAsia and promised to maintain their punctuality and be the world’s leading on-time airline.

Meanwhile, local news agencies reported that Thai AirAsia has been ranked on many international best of lists. The airline was ranked as the third most on-time airline in the world by OAG Aviation Worldwide in 2019 and the most on-time airline in the world by Flightstats in 2013.

Thai AirAsia was also praised as the best low-cost airline in the world by Skytrax over the past 13 years from 2009 to 2022.

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