Dead baby girl in a plastic bag found in Phuket temple

PHOTO: Phuket temple finds a dead baby in a bag. (via Eakkapop Thongtub)

A dead newborn baby girl was left in a black plastic bag at a temple in Kathu in Phuket and police are searching for answers. The bag with the baby’s remains was found yesterday at Wat Anuphat Kritsadaram in Thung Thong in Kathu, with police receiving a call at around 5pm to report it.

Three monks walking through the area were struck by the powerful smell of rotting. They began searching for the source of the putrid odour and traced it to a bodhi tree 50 metres from the temple’s multipurpose hall.

The monks investigated closely and discovered a black lasting bag sitting under the tree. They apprehensively ripped open the bag and discovered its stomach-turning contents – the decomposing body of a newborn baby girl.

They immediately reported what they found to the abbot of the temple who notified the police of the gruesome discovery. The police arrived with forensic officers as well as doctors from Vachira Phuket Hospital who examined the remains of the baby on the spot.

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The doctors concluded that the age of the baby could not be determined from initial inspections and further testing would be needed to pinpoint the newborn’s age. The remains have been transported to the hospital for further examination by medical professionals.

Meanwhile, police are launching a full investigation to identify how long the bag was under that bodhi tree, when it was dropped there, and who abandoned the remains of the young baby at the temple. They might be able to identify the person using footage from CCTV at the temples and in the area. They hope to find footage of the culprit and be able to identify them and then locate their whereabouts.

SOURCE: The Phuket News

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