Phuket’s pristine promise: Chalong’s no-littering sign takes center stage

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In a bid to maintain cleanliness and orderliness, the Chalong Municipality erected a sign prohibiting littering and the dumping of garbage in Phuket. This commendable move is aimed at preserving the beauty and hygiene of the municipality.

According to Chalong’s village headman Kokchai Sae-Ung, the land is privately owned. Last year, approval had been given to raise the site using construction waste.

A prior fire at the location raised concerns, resulting in the intervention of local firemen and a subsequent prohibition on additional rubbish disposal. Kokchai further denied littering allegations in Phuket and that the pictures making headlines online were recent.

“The pictures seen today, released by the mass media all over the country and in Phuket, are old pictures.”

Due to the significant storms, Patong City’s Soi Na Nai, Sai Kor Road, and Pracha Nukroh Road all received major flooding. Residents’ worries have increased as the rain continued throughout this week.

On an upbeat note, both residents and tourists should prepare for one of Thailand’s most beloved festivals, which is quickly approaching. Everyone looks ahead to this festive occasion, which is generally vibrant and cheerful. The vegetarian festival is on for eight days from October 15 until October 24, reported The Pattaya News.

In related news, heavy rains in Khon Kaen triggered a swift response from emergency services, with seven water pumps set up in flood-prone areas to efficiently drain the excess water.

The local authorities are confident in their ability to manage the high water volumes in Bueng Kaen Nakhon and Bueng Thung Sang. Essential manpower and equipment are on standby to aid those affected around the clock.

Khon Kaen experienced heavy rainfall, today, September 26, due to a strong low-pressure system over the central South China Sea, moving across northern Thailand along the monsoon trough. It is expected to affect Thailand until September 29, with September 27, predicted to be the most impacted.

Khon Kaen Mayor Theerasak Theekhayupan assured the public that all necessary measures were in place to handle the heavy rainfall. The municipal engineering and sanitation departments have surveyed the primary and secondary drainage routes in the city and other risk-prone areas. Read more about the story HERE.

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