Rain reigns in Khon Kaen: Pumps pump out the flood

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Heavy rains in Khon Kaen triggered a swift response from emergency services, with seven water pumps set up in flood-prone areas to efficiently drain the excess water.

The local authorities are confident in their ability to manage the high water volumes in Bueng Kaen Nakhon and Bueng Thung Sang. Essential manpower and equipment are on standby to aid those affected around the clock.

Today, September 26, Khon Kaen experienced heavy rainfall due to a strong low-pressure system over the central South China Sea, moving across northern Thailand along the monsoon trough. It is expected to affect Thailand until September 29, with September 27, predicted to be the most impacted.

The mayor of Khon Kaen, Theerasak Theekhayupan, assured the public that all necessary measures were in place to handle the heavy rainfall. The municipal engineering and sanitation departments have surveyed the primary and secondary drainage routes in the city and other risk-prone areas.

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They have also removed plant debris blocking the drainage system to enhance its efficiency. Lake levels at Bueng Kaen Nakhon are 0.90 metres below the spillway and can accommodate approximately 500,000 cubic metres of water. Bueng Thung Sang, with water levels 2 metres below the spillway, can accommodate about 1 million cubic metres.

The municipality has also prepared a flood prevention and mitigation team with assorted machinery ready for rapid water drainage from the Khlong Rong Mine in case water levels rise.

Drainage issues

A long-arm backhoe is stationed at the spillway gate number 9 (Soi Prachasamoson 52) to clear debris and plant waste obstructing the drainage system. A JCB excavator is on standby to resolve drainage issues in case of heavy rainfall.

The Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Department of the municipality is prepared with manpower and equipment to aid those affected around the clock.

They have installed seven water pumps in eight locations, including in front of Khon Kaen Ram’s water gate, at the end of Soi Theparak 8, in front of the PTT pump on Mittraphap Road, Soi Rimbueng 6 Golden Neo Village, in front of Soi Rimbueng 6, Soi Rimbueng 8 Kanyarat Village, and two machines at Bueng Kaen Nakhon. Two additional machines are on standby.

Sandbags are also available for the public. They can be obtained from any of the four fire stations.

The Health Department is preparing personnel to collect waste blocking drainage paths. The Social Welfare Department is ready with survival bags.

The Khon Kaen Municipality urges residents to contact the respective departments in case of emergencies, from flooding issues and fallen trees to housing damage and waste management problems.

For minor injuries or illnesses, they can contact the Health Department or dial 1669 for emergencies (Khon Kaen Centre Hospital, Srinagarind Hospital).

Residents can coordinate to receive sandbags to block water (not more than 30 bags per household, depending on the actual situation upon inspection) at the Sri Chan Fire Station 043-221184, hotline 199, or seek help from three other fire stations: in Mueang Kao Fire Station 043-224625, Bueng Nong Waeng Fire Station 043-234583, and Bueng Thung Sang Fire Station 043-234581, or the Khon Kaen Municipality Disaster Prevention Office 043-220301.

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