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Yacht skipper blasts mob violence

Legacy Phuket Gazette



Yacht skipper blasts mob violence | The Thaiger

THALANG: The skipper of a 30-meter superyacht has blasted villagers in the north of Phuket for “lawlessness” after a member of his crew was beaten up by a mob on Sunday evening, and was then forced to apologize to them for driving through their village too fast. After brushing aside security staff at the Yacht Haven marina, the mob of about 100 villagers from Baan Kor-Ane assaulted the driver and then attacked the pick-up truck he had been driving, causing damage estimated at 200,000 baht, said Charlie Dwyer, skipper of the yacht Yanneke Too. Mr Dwyer said that members of the mob also stole cameras and other valuables from inside the truck. He explained that the driver of the pick-up, Kent Michalick, and another crew member were hurrying back to the boat after receiving a call that there was a fire on board. “They drove through the village very fast,” he explained, “and they put the fire out. When they went back to the truck, which they had left in the parking lot, [Mr Michalick] was attacked by a mob of villagers. He was assaulted and punched a few times in the face, and he had to jump into the water to save his life. They threw rocks at him while he was in the water. “Then they beat the vehicle to absolutely nothing. After that, they came down the dock and threatened people in the boats in the marina – not just our yacht, but other yachts too. This was an uncontrolled mob, totally taking the law into their own hands. “Someone driving fast through a village should be arrested for driving too fast. He should not be beaten, and should not have his property destroyed. “We are a lucrative business for this country. We spend a lot of money when we come here. If this sort of thing is going to happen, these yachts won’t be coming back here. They’ll be going to Langkawi, to a safe port.” Angrily, he added, “The local police paraded [Mr Michalick] up to the village, against my specific wishes, and forced him to apologize to the people who had just beaten him.” Village Chief Somkiat Budsa explained that many people were on the street when the pick-up truck drove through. He told the Gazette, “They sped through the village, causing dust to blow all over the food stalls and scaring many villagers. Some were so angry that about a hundred followed the truck to the marina.” Concerned that the situation looked like deteriorating, K. Somkiat, who had followed the crowd, called the police. “At first about four or five officers turned up, but that wasn’t enough. Later, more police arrived, by which time the villagers were demanding that the driver apologize. “I spoke with the driver and eventually he went to the village hall and said he was sorry. It was almost morning before the crowd calmed down,” he added. Pol Maj Wirawat Chantarawijit, of Tah Chat Chai Police Station, who termed the incident a “sensitive” case, said, “The driver was fined for reckless driving. At the moment, we are investigating who destroyed the truck. It’s difficult because many people were there that night.” Asked about the incident, the General Manager of the marina, Andy Stephens, told the Gazette, “I’d rather not comment at this stage because the investigation is still going on.”

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Hermès opens its first store in Phuket at Central Floresta

The Thaiger & The Nation



Hermès opens its first store in Phuket at Central Floresta | The Thaiger

Hermès has opened of its first store in Phuket at Central Floresta, the newly opened lifestyle shopping destination in the heart of the island, opposite Central Festival.

As Hermès’ first venture outside the Thai capital, the new Hermès Phuket store makes a significant statement of expansion and confidence in the market. The new address in this world-renowned island will allow the growing population of local residents, along with domestic and international tourists, to discover the abundant variety of Hermès métiers and savoir-faire.

Designed by the Parisian architecture agency RDAI, the elegant 172 m² retail space is located by the shopping centre’s main entrance and benefits from a double exposure with an exterior and an interior façade.

A bamboo claustra follows the line of the mall’s exterior glass, filtering the daylight that bathes the indoor space, and further illustrates Hermès’ high regard for local craftsmanship. The interior façade is composed of a refined lacquered metal, featuring a large window display, complemented by four recesses with illuminated silk scarves.

Upon entering the store, visitors are welcomed by the House’s ex-libris and signature Grecques lights, designed for Hermès in 1925. The store is decorated with natural and local materials – bamboo floors and claustra, cognac toned Cherrywood walls, toffee coloured silk and fibre fabrics – tastefully blending various elements of Thai culture and modern architecture. The soft colour palette evokes the sand and the sun in their various shades, providing a delightfully serene and convivial atmosphere.

The overall volume is divided into two main areas by the feminine silk grid facing the entrance. The first one, with the iconic Faubourg pattern mosaic floor, allows guests to explore the silk, fashion jewellery, fragrance, art of living, and equestrian departments.

Opposite the leather goods display, an intimate space invites guests to uncover the watch and jewellery collections. Further along, one can discover the women and men’s universes. A sand coloured carpet on the floor outlines the area dedicated to the shoe collections, enriched by a delicate custom-made bamboo light module as the ceiling centrepiece.

Hermès opens its first store in Phuket at Central Floresta | News by The Thaiger Hermès opens its first store in Phuket at Central Floresta | News by The Thaiger Hermès opens its first store in Phuket at Central Floresta | News by The Thaiger

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Red car ‘gun flasher’ arrested in Phuket

The Thaiger



Red car ‘gun flasher’ arrested in Phuket | The Thaiger

Phuket police have arrested and are questioning the driver of a red sedan following Friday’s incident on Thepkasattri Road in Srisoonthorn where he appeared to wave a gun out of his driver’s window (video in the link below).

Manop Sangpal was tracked down by police but they’ve confirmed that Mr Manop’s ‘gun’ was just a BB gun, not a firearm.

The video of the man driving the red sedan and waving the ‘gun’ out of the driver’s window spread around social media on Friday afternoon after a driver following recorded the incident and posted it.

Read the story and see the video below…

Police hunting for driver who threatened others with a gun on Phuket road – VIDEO

On the video the red Ford sedan cuts in front of the car with the dashcam then veers to the left lane while the driver waves the gun out of his window near Wat Srisoonthorn.

Police say Mr Manop was arrested at lunchtime yesterday (Saturday) in a workers camp in Soi Sukapibal where he lives with his Burmese wife and family.

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Tsunami advisory for Andaman Coast – all clear

The Thaiger



Tsunami advisory for Andaman Coast – all clear | The Thaiger

An advisory was sent out last night about two earth tremors registering 5.0 and 5.2 magnitude centered on the Andaman Islands, 620 kilometres north west of Phuket.

The National Disaster Warning Centre sent out an advisory to Governors of six Andaman Coast provinces to be on alert for tsunami warnings and more earthquake activity.

There has been no tsunami activity registered along the Andaman coastlines.

Tsunami advisory for Andaman Coast - all clear | News by The Thaiger

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