VIDEO: robber snatches 1 million baht worth of jewellery from Pattaya gold shop

CCTV footage screen grab from Pattaya gold robbery.

There’s been another gold shop robbery in Thailand, this time in Pattaya. On Wednesday, the robber threatened staff at the Aurora Gold Shop in Tesco Lotus in South Pattaya at gunpoint.

The robber reportedly first gave the staff a piece of paper detailing his demands. The staff were hesitant, so the robber then walked behind the counter himself, and took two trays of jewellery. CCTV footage captured the incident.

The stolen items included six 3 baht weight gold necklaces, and eight 2 baht weight gold necklaces, worth 1 million baht in total, The Pattaya News reported.

The staff told police that the suspect had written on the paper, “I am in trouble. My mother is very sick.” The staff also noticed the suspect pacing in front of the shop before he robbed it, but they did not expect that the suspect was a robber.

This incident comes after another robbery in Thailand just last week. The bandit got away with 95 baht weight in gold jewellery worth over 2.8 million baht on November 4, in the central Ayutthaya province. The robber fired shots at the store’s showcase at Lotus Department Store’s Sena branch, before running off with the jewellery. To delay police from chasing him, he placed a fake bomb at the store.

Time will tell if either of Thailand’s two recent gold robbers will be caught.

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Tara Abhasakun

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