Police in central Thailand offer cash reward to help nab gold shop robber

Photo by Thai Rath.

Police in Thailand’s central province of Ayutthaya is offering a cash reward to help catch a gold shop robber. The robber got away with 95 baht weight in gold jewellery worth over 2.8 million baht on November 4, and he still hasn’t been caught.

The robber fired shots at the store’s showcase at Lotus Department Store’s Sena branch, before running off with the jewellery. To delay police from chasing him, he placed a fake bomb at the store.

A photo shows the thief wearing a black helmet and a black jacket. The helmet was found to be from a local shop, while the jacket is generally purchased online.

CCTV footage shows that the robber escaped on his motorcycle along Ayutthaya-Sena Sai Nai road, heading for Wat Bang Pla Mo.

Police are now offering a 20,000 baht cash reward to anyone who helps provide useful information to get the gold snatcher arrested, Thai Rath reported. Those who suspect someone might be involved are urged to call Sena police station at 035-201683 or 191.

Meanwhile, the head of Ayutthaya provincial police is holding meetings every day to monitor the progress of the case.

Gold shop robberies make headlines in Thailand from time to time. In August, a 70 year old man stole 17 gold necklaces from the Yaowarat MGold store in the Bang Kae District of Bangkok.

In May, a man robbed a gold shop in the main city district of Chon Buri province using a fake gun. CCTV footage showed that he first pretended to be interested in buying something from the store, and he asked staff to show him gold items. He then threatened them with the fake gun.

After the latest gold shop robbery in Ayutthaya, police will hopefully nab the robber, and maybe someone will get a 20,000 baht reward for helping them.

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