VIDEO: Indian tourist reports theft by Pattaya sex worker, gets informed he broke law too

Indian tourist reports sex worker to police, photo by The Pattaya News.

The conflict between Indian tourists and transgender thieves in Pattaya rages on…

An Indian tourist’s night went completely wrong after the sex worker he hired turned out to be a transgender woman. The unnamed tourist said he hired a stranger whom he originally thought was a woman to go to his hotel room on Soi 8 in Bang Lamung.

But the tourist said that once they got back to his room, he noticed that the sex worker was a transgender woman. The tourist then asked for his 1,500 baht back, but the sex worker reportedly refused. The tourist added that the sex worker then became aggressive.

The tourist said that on top of the gender confusion, he also realised later that the sex worker had snatched his wristwatch, which he said was expensive.

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The tourist reported the sex worker at Pattaya Police Station. But at the police station, the tables were turned when an officer informed him that he had broken the law too.

The police told the tourist that he had violated Thai prostitution laws and that they would have to charge him, along with the sex worker.

The tourist then reportedly broke down in tears and begged the police to help him. He said he had no idea what Thailand’s laws were, and he just wanted to have “a good time.”

Police were inspecting the hotel to try and find the suspect, adding they would be able to solve the case soon because the transgender woman left her ID card in the hotel room.

There are no reports of forthcoming legal charges so far. The Pattaya News reported that the tourist is now very happy and that the “police got a kick out of the entire story.”

Pattaya has become a hub for thefts against tourists this year, especially Indian tourists. The Pattaya News reports that there have been 16 pickpocketing cases this year. Many of the thieves have been transgender.

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