Lock, stock, and regulations: Deputy PM Anutin aims to bulletproof firearm laws for public safety

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The Interior Minister and Deputy Prime Minister recently shed light on the advancements in firearm regulations in Thailand. Deputy PM Anutin Charnvirakul underscored the pivotal role of the legal framework and collaborative law enforcement in ensuring public safety and curbing civilian gun ownership.

Anutin elaborated on the responsibilities of his ministry, which included registering and issuing permits for gun possession and carrying. He commended the police force for their invaluable cooperation, affirming that the ministry’s duties would be significantly more difficult without their assistance.

Anutin emphasised the significant role of administrative governance while noting that law enforcement remains primarily the responsibility of the police.

He revealed that legally, over 10 million firearms are owned by citizens in Thailand. This statistic prompted him to question why such a substantial number of Thais own guns. Anutin assured the public that the state and its laws are in place to safeguard them, negating the need for widespread gun carrying for self-defence. He also highlighted the concerning ease with which firearms can be obtained, a problem he deemed unacceptable.

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Anutin, since assuming his position as Deputy Prime Minister, has insisted that the Ministry of Interior must dispel the perception of firearms as a viable option for citizens. He is committed to enforcing stringent control over gun possession. He called on all state agencies to adopt serious and rigorous measures to apply the laws effectively to tackle this issue, reported Pattaya News.

“In Thailand, citizens legally own over 10 million firearms, raising the question of why so many Thais possess guns. I want to assure the public that laws and the state are there to protect them, not the widespread carrying of guns for self-defence.

“Since my appointment, the Ministry of Interior must ensure that firearms are not viewed as an option for citizens, and I am committed to enforcing strict control over gun possession. I urge all state agencies to take serious and stringent actions to apply the laws effectively to address this issue.”

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