One dead and one rescued from deep well after cover breaks

PHOTO: Two men were plunged into a deep well when the cover broke. (via รักสยาม นิวส์)

In hindsight, sitting atop a well cover isn’t the safest place for a casual chat. Two local Thai men in Bang Lamung found that out the hard way after their chatting turned to horror when the cover they were sitting on broke, plunging them into a deep well. One man was rescued but the second man died in the water pit.

The incident took place yesterday afternoon on Soi in the Nong Pla Lai subdistrict of Bang Lamung in Chon Buri, when a 47 year old man sat chatting and smoking cigarettes with a 60 year old friend on the well cover. It suddenly gave way and the men were dropped without warning into what was described as an extremely deep well.

The older man’s 45 year old stepdaughter discovered the accident and the two men were trapped at the bottom of the pit and called for help, and Nong Prue Police raced to the well along with rescue workers from Sawang Boriboon Thammasatan emergency responders. The stepdaughter was waiting frantically on the surface above the deep hole, calling for police to hurry and rescue her stepfather.

The rescue team managed to fish the two men out of the deep well, but it was too late for the younger man. When he fell into the pit, he plunged into the water at the bottom and began panicking as he couldn’t swim. Overcome with fear, he succumbed to the waters and drowned.

Meanwhile, the 60 year old stepfather managed to grab hold of a small water pipe inside the deep well and clung to it for dear life. He cried out for help until, luckily, his stepdaughter heard the yelling, discovered the accident, and promptly summoned the police for help.

While the younger man was deceased when they pulled him out of the deep well, the elder of the two was brought to Bang Lamung Hospital for treatment. He was found to be suffering from emotional distress, but physically unharmed by the ordeal.

SOURCE: The Pattaya News

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