Old man attacked by dogs, loses arm, when delivering lemons

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Attempting to drop off a bag of lemons at a neighbour’s house, a 79 year old man instead lost his arm as the neighbour’s dogs viciously attacked him. The attack took place in the Panat Nikhom district of Chon Buri on Wednesday.

Rescue workers were called to the aid of Juea “Keang” Kitijutirakun after he sustained serious injuries from multiple dog bites. He was transported to the local hospital for urgent medical care. Keang lives alone in his house in Thung Kwang and neighbours say he loves gardening and grows many fruits and vegetables on his property that he likes to give away free to others in the neighbourhood.

On Wednesday though, his neighbours were not home to receive the free lemons and as he dropped the lemons over the fence, one of the neighbour’s 4 dogs bit his arm. The other dogs joined in and severely mangled his arm.

A rescue worker involved with the incident later confirmed to the Pattaya News that Keang’s right arm was so severely injured by the dogs that it had to be amputated. He is now recovering in the hospital but has yet to make a public statement.

The dog owners, to their credit, immediately took full responsibility for the tragic dog attack and vowed to help Keang with his treatment and recovery, though it was unclear if they meant financially as well.

They say they will put a warning sign on their fence to alert others not to attempt to come in because there are fierce dogs in the yard. There has yet to be any information about any possible punishment or legal charges that the dog owners might face as a result of the attack that cost the old man his arm.

The breed of the dogs was also not specified, though the incident was reminiscent of a saga that took place in April, also in Chon Buri, where a pit bull attacked its sleeping owner, who later died of his injuries. The story continued to make headlines as the family of the dog owner fought back against online commenters and then the dog attended the owner’s funeral to ask for forgiveness.

SOURCE: The Pattaya News

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