Primate patrol: Jomtien Beach monkey ‘Philip’ finally caught

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Officials from Sriracha’s Conservation Area Administration Office embarked on a mission yesterday to subdue a troublesome male monkey in Jomtien Beach known as Philip. After previous attempts failed, authorities resorted to tranquilliser darts, employing a three-hour operation involving deception and careful planning.

A notorious figure in the Jomtien Beach community, Philip, a large, mischievous male monkey was spotted on many occasions by locals during his food search.

Previously, authorities from Pattaya City, in collaboration with the Sriracha Conservation Area Administration Office, tried to capture Philip but were unsuccessful. Consequently, officials had to reassess their plan before making another move to capture the monkey.

Recently, Director of the Conservation Area Administration Office No. 2 (Sriracha) Doctor Kongkiat Temtat, along with Phitak Intasorn, Director of the Wildlife Conservation Division, and Lieutenant Colonel Suvet Phimphlue, an experienced event management officer from the Pattaya City Administration Office, went on-site, for another attempt to subdue and capture Philip.

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The ensuing ordeal took over three hours, with the officials employing tactics of deception to lure the monkey, before making their move with three tranquilliser darts to finally immobilise Philip for his capture.

Upon examination, Philip was identified as a male monkey approximately six to seven years old, with a large build. Locals had named him Philip. He exhibited signs of sedation due to tranquilliser effects.

After his capture, he was placed in a cage and taken away by authorities for proper care and management at the conservation. The origins of Philip remain unknown.

In similar news, Locals of Prang Khaek in the Mueng District of Lopburi held a press conference on April 22 and installed protest signs regarding the lack of action from Thai Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin and the Thai Department of National Parks, Wildlife, and Plant Conservation in tackling the sizeable macaque problem in their area, which left locals vulnerable to attack.

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