Thai woman swaps husband for monk, leaves 500,000 baht debt

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A Thai man in the central province of Uthai Thani accused his wife of having an affair with a monk from a temple near their home and leaving him to repay 500,000 baht in debt.

The 61 year old man, Sanan, revealed that he married his 53 year old wife 30 years ago and shared one daughter. He collected recycled garbage and sold it to make a living while his wife stayed home to take care of their daughter and 30 cats and dogs.

According to Sanan, his wife visited a temple near their home almost every day to get leftover food for their pets. In return, she cleaned the temple and the monk’s utensils.

Sanan said he never suspected anything about his wife’s temple visits until she started returning home very late at night. He also saw a call from a monk at the temple on her phone.

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As suspicions grew, Sanan asked to inspect her phone but his wife declined to allow him access and refused to respond to any queries regarding the monk.

Shortly thereafter, Sanan’s wife departed their residence on her sidecar motorcycle and failed to return. Abandoning the vehicle at their son-in-law’s residence, she did not attempt to contact anyone, including their daughter.

Sanan decided to go to the temple to talk with the monk he suspected of having an affair with his wife, but the monk was not there. The abbot told Sanan that he already expelled the monk from the temple.

Sanan suspected that the monk and his wife were together, yet he proceeded to file a report with the police regarding his wife’s disappearance.

Furthermore, Sanan revealed that he now bears the burden of settling approximately 500,000 baht in debt by himself and must also tend to the needs of their 30 cats and dogs in his wife’s absence.

Sanan said he still loves his wife and is ready to forgive her. He is happy to welcome her home if she changes her mind and wants to be with him.

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