Rent rage: Thai woman fries trio with hot oil over 8,000 baht

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A Thai woman attacked two women and a two year old girl with scalding hot cooking oil over an unpaid rent bill of 8,000 baht.

The victims sought help from the Paveena Foundation for Women and Children with their medical treatment and to ensure the attacker faced justice. The victims revealed that the attacker tried to convince them to drop the legal charges but they refused.

One of the victims, 25 year old Wannisa Sairat, explained that the incident took place on May 17 at a restaurant in Soi Sathorn 17 in the Sathorn district of Bangkok near the rented room of her 57 year old mother, Sommai Pakaew.

Wannisa revealed that she, her mother, and two year old daughter were eating at the restaurant when the caretaker of her mother’s rented accommodation, 49 year old A, approached them.

A asked Sommai about the 22,000 baht in unpaid rent. Sommai explained she had already paid 14,000 baht and promised to pay the remaining 8,000 baht by the end of the month. She showed A the conversation between herself and the landlord as proof.

A, unconvinced by Sommai’s account, seized her mobile phone to inspect the conversation, leading Sommai to strike her hand in response. Enraged, the suspect then seized a pan filled with scalding hot cooking oil and hurled it at the trio before fleeing the scene. A bystander came to the aid of the victims, escorting them to a nearby hospital.

Regrettably, upon arrival, the hospital was unable to accommodate them as both the emergency department and VIP ward were at capacity. Due to infection risks, they could not be accommodated alongside other patients.

Wannisa and her daughter suffered severe burns to their faces and bodies. Sommai suffered minor burns to her left arm. Wannisa’s daughter was particularly badly injured, and Wannisa believed the attack had affected her daughter’s mental health.

Wannisa filed a complaint against A at the Yannawa Police Station. A reportedly tried to convince her to drop the charges but Wannisa is determined to pursue legal action, saying that it was brutal that A would inflict such an injury on them and a 2 year old child.

The foundation arranged for the family to receive medical care from Yanhee Hospital and promised to work with the police to ensure the attacker was held accountable.

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