Decision to allow traffic on Pattaya’s Walking Street comes under fire on social media

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The decision by local officials to give cars and other vehicles 24 hour access to Pattaya’s Walking Street is coming under fire on social media. Here’s a few of the comments…

“Should be completely rebuilt possibly as a Casino Gambling Street fully licensed and controlled by the government, especially for upmarket tourist, complimented with classy night clubs, champagne, cocktails etc.”

“Re-named ‘Hit by Car while Walking Street’ lol.”

“So, they have turned the clock back 25 years, was open to traffic back then.”

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“It‘s difficult to find the logic in this. Even if they would try to explain.”

“You can open it up for cattle as far as I’m concerned, the place is a hole for sexpats.”

However, not all are against the move, which has been introduced for a trial period. Many Pattaya business owners are calling for the trial to be extended, saying the lack of tourists means there is currently no need to keep the street pedestrianised. With some bars and clubs on the street still closed, other businesses such as tailor shops and restaurants want to see car drivers being able to access the road in their vehicles, pointing out that parking could be made available in front of premises that are still closed.

Other road users are pointing out that an increase in the number of cars parked on the road leaves less space for both pedestrians and vehicles attempting to navigate their way down the street. Officials say they will continue to monitor the situation and make adjustments as necessary. They add that while taxis may drive down the street to drop off customers, they are not permitted to sit outside venues waiting to pick up passengers.

SOURCE: The Pattaya News

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