Amateur gunmaker learned how to make guns on YouTube

An amateur gunmaker confessed to police that he bought gun parts through a Lazada app and learned how to make the weapons on YouTube after officers swooped to make an arrest following a tip-off.

Police raided the gunmaker’s house in the Sattahip district in Chon Buri at 11pm yesterday and arrested him on charges of illegally making guns and selling them online.

The suspect, Yossakorn “Duke” Arthan, was arrested at No 88/10 at Moo 6 village in tambon Sattahip in the Sattahip district after a police officer posed as a buyer, Bangkok Post reported.

Police found one .38 revolver, one .38 semi-automatic pistol, a BB gun which had not been modified, 60 rounds of .38 ammunition, a gun barrel and tools.

The 31 year old suspect admitted that he learned about making and modifying guns from YouTube and bought BB guns for 7,000-8,000 baht each and gun barrels through a Lazada app. The BB guns and the barrels were then modified and assembled for use as firearms that could use live ammunition.

Yossakorn then revealed he got a friend to sell the homemade guns on Facebook but only sold two. He tried to sell the third gun to the undercover cop for 15,000 baht.

The first gun he made sold for 15,900 baht and the second for 14,900 baht. The man selling the guns online for Yossakorn was paid 1,900 baht commission for the first gun and 400 baht for the second.

Police charged Yossakorn with being in possession and making weapons without permission, with intent to sell.

The investigating police officer told the press that members of his team were looking for the man who collaborated with Yossakorn in selling the firearms.

This is the second case of selling illegal handmade guns online within a week.

Last week Royal Thai Police officers posed as customers to crack an illegal gun network in Thailand. Police arrested four men for illegally making homemade guns and selling them online.

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