Student lunch budget allocated for Nakhon Ratchasima’s Kulno School

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Students at Kulno School in Nakhon Ratchasima province no longer need to bring packed lunches from home. This follows a speedy allocation of school lunch funding by the Phimai Sub-district Municipality, which was confirmed in a letter to parents yesterday.

Previously, a delay in allocating this budget led the school to ask parents to provide food for their children from tomorrow. However, the authorities have now guaranteed that the funds will be available as usual. In a letter detailing these developments, the school issued a statement titled “School Lunch for Students – To All Parents of Kulno School Students.” In the letter, Kulno School informed parents about meals for students who have not yet received a budget allocation and asked children to bring packed food from home, reported KhaoSod.

Now, the Phimai Sub-district Municipality has coordinated with Kulno School, committing to expedite the budget allocation for student lunches within the following week. Consequently, the school will prepare food for all students according to the Thai School Lunch programme as usual. Parents are informed that there is no longer a need to pack food from home for students. The letter, signed by Vuttichai Muaydee, the Director of Kulno School, is dated August 19.

No clear explanation has been offered by the Phimai Sub-district Municipality regarding the original delay in approving the budget for child midday meals. Preliminary information from the Secretary of the Phimai Sub-district Mayor suggests that the mayor is currently away attending training in another province, and hence could not provide clarification and information.

In a related story, a school in Samut Sakhon was criticised in June for providing low-quality lunches to its students. The Facebook page ‘ปฏิบัติการณ์หมาเฝ้าบ้าน’ shared the disheartening story. The school’s director responded to the issue, stating that meals are provided according to government nutritional guidelines and that students who are still hungry can buy snacks from the canteen.

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