Three Bangkok drug traffickers caught with 503,005 meth pills and 12 kilogrammes of ice

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In a recent police operation, three drug traffickers were arrested in Khlong Sam Wa district, Bangkok. The bust saw the seizure of drugs, including 503,005 methamphetamine pills and 12 kilogrammes of crystal meth or ice. The report indicated that the trio had been involved in previous drug-related incidents.

Around 9am today, directed by Colonel Sarawut Jindakam, commander of the 3rd Border Patrol Police Region (BPPR), modifications began for the arrest of three individuals known only by their first names: Mongkol, Narakorn, and Sombun aged 33, 31 and 31 respectively.

The individuals named are reportedly associated with a notable drug gang in the area. These suspects maintained their operations in Min Buri, a large residential district in Bangkok, where they were arrested.

Nimitt Mai 20 village, Casa Leena 2, Sao Gong Din sub-district, Khlong Sam Wa district, Bangkok, was the residence of Mongkol, where he was first apprehended. Consequently, further searches in the surrounding vicinity yielded the capture of Narakorn and Sombun.

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Since 2007, Mongkol has had numerous interactions with penal systems for prior drug-related conduct. Despite various apprehensions, his involvement in meth and illicit drug dealings continued, serving customers primarily in Min Buri, reported KhaoSod.

The narcotics seized were found stashed in various secret spots in the house while a drug test on the suspect revealed purple urine indicating narcotic use. The suspect acknowledged all charges and also clarified that the drugs were kept on behalf of a man known as Yusub Koh Don.

Mongkol, Narakorn, and Sombun were assigned as custodians of the meth haul, with a scheduled task to distribute them to customers at various locations. They were reportedly paid 30,000 baht per delivery trip.

“During the past month, we conducted several trips to large-scale customers as ordered by Yusub. In addition, Nararak and I distributed smaller quantities to local customers at a rate of 12,000 baht per package, making multiple profits before finally being apprehended.”

The weapon confiscated during the operation, a 9mm handgun loaded with eight bullets, was reportedly owned by Narakorn, who carried it at all times for protection.

From their initial investigation, the arresting team speculated that this trio might have already distributed large quantities of meth and ice as per Yusub’s instructions. It is believed that over 1,500,000 meth pills were potentially dispatched to various customers.

The three suspects were handed over to the investigation officer from Min Buri Police Station, where they were charged with “joint possession of Category 1 narcotics (meth/ice or methamphetamine) for distribution, trading without permission, and causing distribution among public groups, which is illegal, impacting national security or public safety,” according to Thai law.

Additional charges were brought against Narakorn for carrying a loaded firearm in a public place without permission, which was aggravated by his possession and use of the firearm in a populated area.

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