Restaurant feels heat from police after expanding business into bus stop

Photo via ขาเกือบพลิก

A restaurant was left with a sour taste in its mouth after being warned about expanding its business into a nearby bus stop.

Local police officials were notified by a Facebook blogger, ขาเกือบพลิก, who complained that a restaurant in the northeastern province of Khon Kaen had taken over a bus stop and was serving food to customers.

The Facebook page, ขาเกือบพลิก, which means sprained my ankle, was created to highlight and criticise the number of different problems Thai people face on a daily basis – and usually on Thailand’s many sidewalks. A number of the complaints include motorbikes on sidewalks, riders parking their motorbikes on sidewalks, difficulties negotiating around street vendors, and the hundreds of thousands of damaged pathways that could potentially cause accidents and harm to pedestrians.

Last Sunday, the Facebook page posted a picture of tables and chairs under the roof of the bus stop. The page picture byline announced, “Hello! This is Khon Kaen. Opening a restaurant is so easy, just take over a bus stop and convert it into a restaurant. The roof is free. The bus stop’s bench is free. Where is the municipal police?” A bribe is undoubtedly involved.” The page also tagged the official Facebook page of the Khon Kaen Local Government at the end of the caption.

Local media yesterday reported the Facebook page was successful and that Khon Kaen Municipal Officials investigated the restaurant immediately after the post went viral.

Officers acknowledged the picture circulating online was real, and they had ordered the shop owner to remove tables and chairs from the bus stop. The officers added the owner was understanding and willing to follow the law.

The municipal police didn’t impose any charges but warned the owner not to let it happen again.

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Posted by ขาเกือบพลิก on Sunday, June 5, 2022


SOURCE: Thairath | Dailynews

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