Mysterious death in jungle hut prompts investigation in Lampang province

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In the early hours of yesterday morning, a tragic discovery was made in the district of Wang Nuea, Lampang province. A 48 year old man’s body was found lifeless in a hut in a dense jungle near the village. His death was mysterious, sparking an urgent response from local rescue workers, police from Wang Nuea station, and on-call physicians from Wang Nuea Hospital.

Upon reaching the scene in the village of Pa Hiang, Wang Nuea, the involved personnel performed a thorough check of the area. They located the deceased man identified as Kittisak, a native of the area. His body, bloated from being undiscovered for a while, showed no initial signs of assault or abuse.

Information gathered revealed that Kittisak had secluded himself in the hut for four days, following the identification of his mother as a high-risk contact after she contracted Covid-19. For the protection of fellow villagers, he had chosen to isolate himself away from his home, unwittingly meeting his untimely demise in the process.

“One minute we knew he was protecting the village by isolating himself, and the next thing we knew, he was gone,” expressed a local in response to the shocking news, reported in KhaoSod.

Upon the discovery of Kittisak’s body, the investigators donned PPE suits, adhering to safety measures in these pandemic-stricken times. A test for Covid-19 was also conducted to rule out the possibility of him contracting the virus. Results, however, returned negative.

After the preliminary examination, his body was transported to Wang Nuea Hospital. A second and more detailed examination awaits, intending to unravel the cause of Kittisak’s demise. Amidst the fear of the pandemic, his unexpected death has brought about a shroud of mystery and sorrow over his humble village.

Three weeks ago, a 46 year old Thai man, recently released from prison, was found dead under a broken election banner in the northeast Nakhon Ratchasima province, just three days after his release. Authorities believe the cause of death could be sudden heart failure due to the extreme heat and his weak physical condition. To read more click HERE.

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