More than 3,000 houses affected by severe flooding in Chaiyaphum

PHOTO: Nateerasak Phongsaphang/Flickr

Over 3,000 houses across 23 villages in the northeastern Thai province of Chaiyaphum have been affected by what is considered the most severe flooding in a century.

Kittipong Thamsoparat, the Tambon Ban Phet Municipality mayor, says a massive volume of water has surged into the Bamnet Narong district by way of the nearby Thep Sathit district in Chaiyaphum, as well as Thepharak, and Dan Khun Thod districts of Nakhon Ratchasima. The Bangkok Post says of all the affected villages, Nong Phak Waen, which has about 600 houses, has been hit the hardest. The village was bombarded with water that rose about 2 metres high. Some houses were even completely submerged, forcing residents to take refuge on their rooftops.

Rescue officials from Nakhon Ratchasima based Hook 31 rescue unit as well as local rescue workers used speedboats and flat-bottomed boats to evacuate the trapped residents. The rescue workers brought residents to temples and schools that were situated on higher ground. The rescue operation was exacerbated by the deep, fast-moving water. As of this morning, the water level remains steady. This has given residents hope that the water will eventually drain out and the villages will be able to return to normal in a week or so, says Kittipong.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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