Four members of drug gang arrested in Nakhon Si Thammarat

Four members of a drug gang were arrested in Nakhon Si Thammarat Friday carrying 1.2 million meth pills.

The four had brought the pills from the north of the country, according to Pol Maj Gen Somchai Suetortrakul.

Police arrested members of the drug gang Somyos Jaidee, 57 years old, and Supiwa Ratsupha, 20 years old, in Khuan. The pair had 20,000 pills. A follow-up operation led to the arrest of Itthiphat Aksornthai, 20 years old, and Surachate Phetmatsri, 33 years old.

Truck Pickup Carrying Cabbage With Clay Wheel In Country ...
Police found five sacks containing 1.2 million pills hidden under cabbages in Surachate’s pickup.

Meanwhile, in Chiang Mai, 300,000 pills were found when soldiers at a military checkpoint on Fang-Mae Suai Road spotted a pickup about 100 metres away around 7pm on Friday.

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When the vehicle arrived at the checkpoint, it was searched but nothing illegal was found. After the pickup left, soldiers luckily decided to inspect the area where the vehicle had parked and, to their immeasurable surprise, found two garbage sacks containing 300,000 pills, said Maj Gen Charas Panyadee.

No arrests appear to have been made, neither of the occupants of the truck nor the soldiers involved in these inexplicable events.

Also in the north, police arrested five drug smugglers in Kamphaeng Phet province Wednesday and seized 1.6 million meth pills.

The traffickers were driving from Chiang Rai to Bangkok with a pickup and BMW full of pills. Police nicked them when they stopped at a gas station.

The pills were distributed across 16 backpacks hidden in a pickup truck and car. The BMW driver managed to escape.

But perhaps the most bizarre drug-related bust this week came when a live-streamer was arrested six hours after he posted a video of himself taking meth on social media and invited others to try it. The confused druggie said he wanted to promote crystal meth on social media just once in his life, even if it is illegal to do so.

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