Driver sees red, smashes window of car parked in disabled zone

PHOTO: Thai PBS World

A driver who’s had enough of able-bodied people parking in disabled parking bays has vented his frustration by smashing the car window of one such offender.

The incident is understood to have taken place in the parking lot of a Big C in Chiang Rai, with the man posting about it on social media, saying he saw the driver and passenger leave the car in the disabled parking bay and walk away, indicating they were not in any way physically incapacitated.

Peerapong Amornpich has posted a video on Facebook showing the damage done to the car. He confesses he smashed the window because he’s fed-up of seeing able-bodied people parking in spaces reserved for disabled drivers or passengers. His confession has sparked online debate as to whether or not he did the right thing.

Mr Peerapong says he tried pointing the violation out to a store official, asking that the car be moved. He says he smashed the window when it became clear nobody was going to take responsibility for moving it, saying it was a reminder to able-bodied drivers not to park in disabled spaces.

One campaigner for the rights of disabled people says that while he does not condone violence of any kind, he urges shopping malls and department stores to ensure parking rules are respected. It’s understood Mr Peerapong has now agreed to pay the car owner 10,000 baht in damages.

SOURCE: Thai PBS World

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