Deputy Transport Minister strategises to enhance Chiang Mai’s transport systems

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Surapong Piyachote, the Deputy Transport Minister, made a strategic visit to Chiang Mai yesterday to deliberate on the ministry’s endeavour to enhance the efficiency of the province’s transport systems. The meeting included Nirat Pongsitthaworn, the Chiang Mai Governor, along with representatives from corresponding sectors.

Surapong emphasised the importance of optimising the province’s transportation system for the city’s economy, particularly in catering to the tourism sector. He reassured that these plans are implemented keeping the welfare and identity of the local population as a priority.

The first section of these plans revolves around road development. This includes the construction of the first Mueang Chiang Mai ring road, an 18-kilometre stretch linking Highway No.11 and Highway No.1141. It also encompasses the third Mueang Chiang Mai ring road, a 53-kilometre road built on Highway No.121, reported Bangkok Post.

The road project also includes the development of the third Mueang Chiang Mai ring road intersection. This bypasses the Mae Rim district and the Mueang Thon Pao area. The expropriation cost estimation of this section of the plan is currently underway, according to Surapong.

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The second major section includes the Chiang Mai Public Transit Master Plan. This consists of the primary railway and feeder bus systems. The railway system is segmented into three main lines: the red line spanning 12.5 kilometres with 12 stations, the blue line covering 10.5 kilometres with 13 stations, and the green line measuring 12 kilometres with 10 stations. The feeder bus system is projected to cover 89 kilometres on seven primary routes and 85 kilometres on seven additional ones.

The plan also includes the construction of a light rail transit train project bridging the Nakhon Ping Hospital and Mae Hia Saman Samakkee intersection. Additionally, a high-speed train system from the province to Bangkok is in the pipeline. The latter is a Thai-Japanese collaborative project.

Surapong has requested the Highway Department to allocate a budget for the overall plan. He also encouraged them to devise a three-year plan to tackle traffic issues.

In related news, the Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand revealed its plans to finish a rubber-tyred tram project in Chiang Mai by 2028.

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