Police say American man confesses to rape and assaults, blames drug use

PHOTO: Robert A, the man accused of rape and sexual assault in Khon Kaen, said drugs caused his behaviour. (via BKK Post)

The 37 year old American man now identified by police as Robert Andrew Gordon has allegedly confessed to police to committing rape and sexual assault. Police say Gordon told officers that his use of the illegal drug speed was the cause of his behaviour. According to the Deputy Commander of the Royal Thai Police, the man said he took the drug, a less potent form of meth, before committing both the brutal attack and rape of the 45 year old masseuse on Monday, much of which was captured on CCTV, and the subsequent sexual assault on the young girl at a roadside stall selling honey the same day.

He was arrested today on Soi Nana off Sukhumvit Road in Bangkok where Provincial Police Region 4 had tracked him to a condominium and taken him into custody until police can transfer him to Khon Kaen police. Police say they used CCTV footage, tips from the public, and information from the Royal Thai Immigration department to quickly identify and find the American man who allegedly committed the rape and assaults.

Damning evidence was also impounded during his arrest including the red motorbike victims, witnesses, and CCTV footage identified as well as the distinctive orange and black helmet and the clothes the man was wearing the day of the rape attacks. He allegedly confessed to police all the allegations against him, saying he was not in the right state of mind after consuming the drugs.

The man is now facing multiple charges for his crime spree, including rape, sexual abuse, bodily harm causing serious injury, and forcefully detaining someone against their will.

The man had been staying in Amnat Charoen with his girlfriend after having entered Thailand in January and applying for a long-term visa in Koh Samui. His girlfriend said he had not been at home on the day of the crimes but returned there before fleeing to Bangkok on the 29th, saying he had things to do. He had a condo in Bangkok has his legal residence according to Immigration and that is where he was arrested.

SOURCE: The Pattaya News

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