Australian TikTok star gives Patong fruit vendor 2,000 baht as reward for kindness (video)

TikTok star gave a Patong fruit vendor 2,000 baht.

An Australian TikTok star with 1.5 million followers gave a Patong fruit vendor 2,000 baht as a reward for his kindness and generosity.

TikTok star Luke Erwin this week shared a brief video where he decided to test the generosity of a fruit vendor in Patong. In the video, Erwin approached the vendor, saying that he hadn’t had any food all day but he had no money. To Erwin’s surprise, the vendor immediately offered him a mango free of charge.

The vendor swiftly sliced a ripe mango, placed the juicy pieces in a bag, and handed it to Erwin without expecting any payment in return.

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Throughout the encounter, Erwin repeatedly questioned the vendor, asking, “Are you sure there’s no charge?” The vendor remained firm in his generosity, affirming that the mango was indeed a gift.

Erwin then revealed that this interaction was a test, and as a gesture of gratitude for the vendor’s kindness, he offered him a stack of banknotes totalling 2,000 baht. However, the vendor modestly insisted on accepting only 50 baht for the mango. Despite this, Erwin handed the vendor the entire stack of money.

The video clip gained significant attention from Thai viewers, who appreciated the vendor’s generosity and kindness. Many viewers commented that Thai people are generally known for their kindness and generosity.

Erwin’s TikTok video served as a heartwarming reminder of the generosity and compassion that can be found in daily interactions, emphasising the kind spirit of the Thai people.

This warm gesture comes after another TikTok video showcasing generosity among Thais went viral earlier this month.

The video showed a woman speaking to a man who had stolen her bicycle gently and compassionately. When asked if he would return the bike, the thief enquires if she would let him keep it or if she would take it back. The woman ends up letting the thief keep the bicycle.

Both these recent TikTok videos show examples of the generosity and kindness that Thais are known for, as well as the kindness that Luke Erwin displayed in return.


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