Young man escapes fatal car accident at Chon Buri ferry dock

Photo courtesy of Sanook.

A tragic car accident resulted in two fatalities and one survivor at the Sattahip – Samui ferry dock, Chon Buri, yesterday, at 5.30pm. The survivor, 20 year old Veeraphap, managed to escape the sinking vehicle by smashing a window with his high-heeled shoe. He was unable to assist his two friends, who were seated in the front and were unable to unbuckle their seatbelts in time.

The car accident occurred when the driver failed to make a right turn after leaving Samae San lane, instead veering left and causing the incident. Veeraphap, who was seated in the back, was awakened by a cold sensation on his feet. He struggled to help his friends but failed, finally escaping through a broken window as water flooded into the vehicle.

Veeraphap held onto a buoy until he spotted a fisherman, whom he called for help. He still suffers from shock and deep remorse for being unable to help his friends, with whom he had shared a close friendship since high school.

Veeraphap’s grandmother, 66 year old Jaemchan, revealed that she had previously cautioned her grandson and his friends about travelling together and staying at the same house. She pleaded for understanding from the public and asked for no further speculation on the unfortunate car accident.

Jaemchan’s husband, 71 year old Pradit, stated that Veeraphap was still in a state of confusion and shock. He suggested that the car accident was due to the narrow, newly constructed road that the group had taken.

Veeraphap’s aunt, 40 year old Wilawal, also expressed concern about the dark, diversionary route. She thought that the two lights from the ferry could be mistaken for another vehicle’s headlights, leading to a potential accident, reported Sanook.

The shocking car accident was captured in a video clip, showing the car plunging into the sea. Despite Veeraphap’s dramatic escape, the two women trapped in the car sadly did not survive.

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