Car takes a dive, one man survives: Dramatic sea plunge at Sattahip pier caught on camera

Photo: KhaoSod.

A shocking incident occurred in the early hours of this morning when a car plunged into the sea at the SattahipKoh Samui ferry pier, Chuk Samet, Sattahip, Chon Buri. One man managed to escape by breaking the car window, but two women remained trapped in the submerged vehicle. The event was captured on CCTV at around 4am today.

The scene of the car plunge was a wave barrier near the ferry pier’s slope. A 20 year old survivor, Raweephap, relayed the horrific moments leading up to the accident.

He and his four friends, one man and three women, had travelled from Bangkok to vacation in Sattahip. After their outing, they drove a bronze Toyota car to drop off one of their female friends in Sattahip’s Samae San subdistrict. Raweephap and his friend sat in the back while another friend drove.

However, the driver got lost and ended up at Chuk Samet Pier. An argument ensued in the car, which culminated in the vehicle falling into the sea.

In a state of shock, Raweephap managed to break the car’s window and escape. The two women, including the driver and the front-seat passenger, remained trapped in the sinking car.

Preliminary inspection of the CCTV footage confirmed that the car had indeed fallen into the sea at the reported location.

Coordination was made with the Naval force to investigate further and retrieve the submerged car along with the trapped individuals. The cause of the accident is still under investigation, reported KhaoSod.

Car plunges have become a recurring issue in Thailand.

Just a few weeks ago, a tragic accident took place when a factory owner’s car veered off the road and into a canal in Nonthaburi. After an extensive search effort lasting over an hour, rescue workers and divers from the Po Tek Tung Foundation successfully located and retrieved the submerged vehicle. Read more HERE.

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