China: Young maintenance worker loses life fixing faulty escalator

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An accident involving a faulty escalator took the life of a 22 year old maintenance worker at a shopping centre in Guiyang City, Guizhou province, China.

The individual, while servicing a faulty escalator, was abruptly engulfed by the mechanism and subsequently perished.

The incident, as reported by HK01, occurred in a commercial centre where the escalator had been experiencing issues. The 22 year old worker was dispatched to inspect and rectify the problem, a task carried out on the following day.

Before the worker started his duties, the escalator had been disconnected from the power supply. However, for reasons unknown, the escalator unexpectedly sprung to life while the worker was still performing his duties. Caught off-guard, he was unable to escape and was dragged under the moving stairs.

Following the accident, rescue personnel made strenuous attempts to extricate him from beneath the escalator. Regardless of their continued efforts, they were unable to retrieve his body and the young worker tragically lost his life.

The specifics of this incident are currently under further investigation by the police, reported Sanook.

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In other news, a four year old girl suffered injuries after her foot got stuck in the escalator at a shopping mall in Bang Na. Despite the swift response of the mall’s personnel, the rescue operation was delayed due to confusion about which part of the escalator to dismantle. Read more about this story HERE.

In June, a Thai woman tragically lost her leg after collapsing on an escalator at Don Mueang International Airport in Bangkok. Read more about the story HERE.

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