Bang Na mall escalator accident injures child, prompts safety protocol questions

Picture courtesy of Sanook

A four year old girl suffered injuries after her foot got stuck in the escalator at a shopping mall in Bang Na. Despite the swift response of the mall’s personnel, the rescue operation was delayed due to confusion about which part of the escalator to dismantle.

The incident occurred yesterday evening and resulted in medical costs exceeding 7,000 baht for the family.

At 9pm yesterday, a reporter visited the girl’s parents at their residence in Praksa subdistrict, Mueang district, Samut Prakan province.

The parents recounted the day’s events, describing how they had taken their daughter to the play area at the mall.

The accident occurred as they descended the escalator at the end of their visit. The girl’s foot was sucked into the escalator while they were looking for the emergency stop button.

They expressed concern about the mall’s emergency response protocols, suggesting that there was no clear procedure in place for such accidents.

It took approximately 30 minutes to free the girl’s foot from the escalator. The mall’s personnel arrived at the scene within five minutes of the accident, but the delay occurred during dismantling.

The most distressing aspect for the parents was using a screen to obstruct the view of the incident, reported Sanook.

The parents have urged the mall to use this incident as a learning experience to develop clear procedures for handling such emergencies. They believe having a well-defined procedure would have expedited the rescue operation.

They also suggested the installation of additional sensors on the escalators and called for increased attention and care from the mall towards its customers.

Following the incident, the girl has developed a fear of playgrounds and escalators. Although there was no bone fracture, her toes were injured, and the psychological impact of the event on the girl’s usage of escalators in the future remains to be seen.

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