Woman survives kidnapping near her house in Bangkok

Photo via TikTok @fah7676

A Thai woman survived a kidnapping near her house in the Tao Poon neighbourhood of Bangkok on Sunday. Police officers managed to arrest the suspect, although his motive was not reported.

The victim took to social media to warn people of the unexpected incident, sharing a video on TikTok. The suspect is seen in the video pulling her hand and trying to drag her to his motorcycle.

The woman spoke with KhadSod and provided additional details about the incident. She said that she was walking her dog at about 2am on April 16 when a motorcycle rider stopped and asked her the time. After she answered, the man produced a knife and forced her onto his motorcycle.

She tried to escape, but the man held her arm tightly. She offered him money but he ignored it. She then shouted for help and her boyfriend came out of the house. The suspect then released her and fled on his motorcycle. Watch the video HERE.

Yesterday, the woman updated on TikTok that officers from Tao Poon Police Station had apprehended the suspect. She explained that the man did not live in her community. He came from the Bang Yai district of Nonthaburi province which is 25 kilometres from her house. She added that she did not know his motive and considered it to be an unlucky day for her.

Recently, a Chinese businessman, Wang, was kidnapped for ransom by six Thais. The gang attacked Wang at his condominium in the Sathorn area of Bangkok, tied his arms and legs, and then put him in a plastic box. They took him away in a Mercedez Benz off-road car.

The gang demanded a ransom of nearly 4 million baht from Wang and then released him on Sunday, April 16 at a restaurant in Hua Hin.

Wang’s Thai ex-girlfriend who is a beauty pageant contestant, Nampetch Petchlada, was accused of colluding with the criminal gang and planning the whole kidnapping. She denied all accusations. Three suspects out of the six have already been arrested and are under questioning.

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