Fruit jelly jolt: Wormy surprise in popular brand’s treat leaves customer queasy

Photo courtesy of KhaoSod.

A shocking discovery of worms nestled in a popular brand’s fruit jelly has left a female customer feeling nauseated. The incident, shared by the woman on the We Are Consumers Facebook group, occurred shortly after purchasing the product from a convenience store.

The woman posted, accompanied by pictures, describing her unsettling ordeal.

“Was eating and found a worm, almost vomited. It’s a well-known brand of jelly. Just bought it from a supermarket. Just opened the pack. Not sure if it came from the production line or somewhere else. How can this happen? What can I do now? I already ate one piece before this.”

The jelly, resembling a berry fruit in its external shape and texture, is purple in colour. A closer inspection of the fruit jelly revealed the unsettling presence of worms. Further unnerving was the fact that there were multiple worms, all very much alive, moving around the jelly treat, reported KhaoSod.

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Netizens were left shocked at the fruit jelly incident, with comments ranging from surprise and disgust to practical advice. Some suggested checking the packaging for any signs of damage, holes, or insect bites, which could have been entry points for the worms. There was ubiquitous agreement that worms should not be found in fruit jelly, with some advising the woman to claim a refund from the convenience store and report the issue, as other packs from the same batch might have the same problem.

Netizens had plenty to say about the matter.

“At first, I thought it was a real fruit. Worms in jelly, how is that possible?”

“Check if the pack has any insect bite marks?”

“Good thing it wasn’t swallowed.”

“You can claim a refund and report the issue to the store where it was purchased.”

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