Globe of death stunt rider injured in fiery accident at Chinese theme park

Photo courtesy of KhaoSod.

A fiery motorcycle stunt performance at Happy Valley theme park in Shanxi, China took a dangerous turn when a performer lost control, resulting in a blazing accident that left him injured. The incident, which occurred during a daring Globe of Death routine performed by two stunt riders, caused shock and concern among spectators.

The Globe of Death Show, a popular choice among spectators, features daredevil motorcyclists riding at high speeds in a spherical steel cage, akin to Thailand’s motorbike barrel show. Videos of the incident, which have since gone viral, show the two riders circling the globe at high speed, crossing each other’s paths in a choreographed sequence, with sparks flying from the back of their bikes.

However, disaster struck when one of the performers lost his balance and fell to the bottom of the cage, causing his motorcycle to burst into flames. The other rider managed to maintain control of his vehicle, attempting to evade the engulfing flames.

The Globe of Death incident left spectators in a state of shock, with some yelling for assistance from the performer. Some officials rushed to extinguish the fire while others helped to unlock the cage’s door.

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One spectator reported that the show had started at 4pm and many had received free tickets from the amusement park as part of a promotional campaign. The accident happened just two minutes into the show, initially leading some to believe it was part of the performance until the smell of smoke indicated a real fire.

The Culture and Tourism Bureau of Jinzhong City reported that one performer suffered injuries to his leg and arm and was immediately taken to the hospital. The extent of his injuries has not been disclosed, and the cause of the accident is currently under investigation reported KhaoSod.

The Globe of Death is a widely recognised circus and carnival stunt involving motorcyclists speeding within a spherical steel cage. In videos circulated on the Internet, both riders are seen circling the globe in choreographed unison, passing by each other at high speed.

On Wednesday, Jinzhong City’s culture and tourism bureau stated that a theme park performer incurred injuries to his leg and arm due to the incident, adding that he had been transported to the hospital. However, they did not elaborate on the extent of the injuries.

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