Wife returns lottery winings to cuckold husband but kicks him out of family home

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The alleged cheating wife of a lottery winner who ran off with her lover and her cuckold husband’s 6 million baht winnings agreed to return the money she has left. She insists she does not have a lover, despite what her son and husband said, and that she will return the money on the condition her husband leaves the family home within three days.

The lottery winner, Manit, reported to the police that his 45 year old wife, Angkanarat, stole six million baht prize-winning money and eloped with her lover.

Manit’s story went viral on Thai social media. He and his children were invited onto a Channel 3 news programme, Hon Krasae, on Friday, November 18, for an interview. Angkanarat was also invited to join the show via phone.

During the broadcast, Angkanarat stressed that she was not Manit’s wife because they did not sign a marriage certificate. She also insisted that she would never return the money to Manit but would give some cash to her children.

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Manit announced on the show that he will stop the police complaint process if she agrees to come home. Angkanarat did not come home and no money was transferred to any of her children so, Manit continued with his police complaint saying he felt betrayed.

Thairath reported today that Angkanarat went home on Sunday, November 29, after learning that her husband had filed a complaint against her.

The family went to the police station together to agree on the money and relationship in front of the police.

Angkanarat revealed she had 3.1 million baht left in her account out of the nearly 6 million baht windfall. She added she has already given 200,000 baht to her eldest son and will split what she had left into three parts: 1 million baht for the youngest daughter, 500,000 baht for the middle son and 1.6 million baht for Manit.

The conditions she set: her daughter can withdraw the money when she turns 20 years old while her middle son can access his money when he turns 25 years old.

Angkanarat added that the family house is hers and Manit must leave it within three days.

She insists the relationship between her and her husband is dead and if he returns to the house without permission, she will file a police complaint.

Manit told the media that he is happy with the conditions and would leave his children with their mother. He would move from the Isaan province of Roi Et to work in Bangkok. He said he would be happy to come back in the future if his wife forgave him.

Manit also transferred 100,000 baht back to his wife so she can take care of the house and the children.

Angkanarat insists she does not have any lovers and travelled to Nong Kai alone. She said she was sick of the complaints from her son and husband and wanted a getaway to clear her mind.

Angkanarat went on to say that she intended to become a nun and donate the entire sum to various temples. However, after she was accused of cheating she decided to come back to clear her name.

Thairath reported that the family agreed to end everything today. After the money is divided according to the plan, Manit will withdraw the accusation against his wife.

ORIGINAL STORY: Thai cuckold left penniless after wife runs off with lover and 6 million baht lottery prize

A Thai cuckold has been left penniless after his wife ran off with her lover and his 6 million baht lottery winnings and there is nothing he can do about getting his money back.

Manit (surname reserved), a resident of the Isaan province of Roi Et, scooped the 6 million baht lottery winning first prize on November 1. The 49 year old lucky lottery winner then transferred his 5,970,000 baht winnings, after the tax deduction, into his wife’s bank account.

It was supposed to be one of the happiest moments of his life. But there is a sting to the tale because Manit’s 45 year old wife, Angkanarat (surname reserved), eloped with the money to set up a new life with her lover.

The stunned Thai cuckold filed a complaint to the police.

He told police that he had been with Angkanarat for 26 years and they had three children together.

Manit added that everything appeared to be fine between the couple. They decided to donate 1 million baht to a temple and invited some friends and family to take part in the money-giving ceremony.

Manit spotted a stranger at the ceremony that Angkanarat said was her relative but it turned out to be the lover she ran away with.

The jilted man’s son told the police that he was aware of his mother’s affair. He contacted his mother soon after she ran off and discovered that she had moved to Nong Kai, which is about 268 kilometres away from Roi Et, and over four hours travel by car.

The couple’s son added that since that conversation he has been unable to contact his mother as she has turned off her mobile phone.

The police regretfully informed Manit that they cannot help him get his lottery winning money back because the bank account belongs to Angkanarat and they can’t revoke it. Furthermore, the couple is not officially married because they never signed a marriage certificate so it looks as if he has given Angkanarat the money as a gift.

The police recommended that the family try and find a way to contact Angkanarat and persuade her to return the money.

Manit turned to the Thai media to highlight his story hoping she will see sense and return with the money.

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